AS7719 (formerly AS64199) is a network operated by August Internet Limited. August Internet is a non-profit project for learning, education and research.

Our goal is to support the ever-growing internet community that wants to experiment and gain hands-on experience with the real world BGP. We provide the following services:

Looking for a low-barrier, easy to access Internet Exchange? Take a look at our partner project, Lambda Internet Exchange.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at or Telegram @August7719.

Note: I am quite busy; responses to non-emergency tickets (tunnel requests, IP requests) may be delayed up to a week. Feel free to leave a message. I will process them as soon as I can.

  • Dec-29-2021: APNIC allocated AS7719 to us.
  • Dec-11-2021: KCIX port up. We are open for peering.
  • Dec-05-2021: NL-IX port up. We are open for peering.
  • Nov-03-2021: STUIX port up. We are open for peering.
  • Oct-01-2021: Service update (2602:fc23:: project): ARIN no longer allows LIRs to create POC or OrgID for another organization. Reallocation is no longer possible for non-ARIN members. We can still reassign IP space if you are not an ARIN member, but you must register with ARIN if you want a reallocation.
  • Sep-25-2021: Lambda-IX port up. We are open for peering.
  • Sep-14-2021: Our hosted RPKI is ready. IP space owners may now request ROA signing from us.
  • Aug-24-2021: We now offer Free LXC and SIT / WireGuard tunnel with BGP.


Here's a list of Point of Presences of AS7719:

Location Port Speed Service
Kansas, US 10Gbps Tunnel
Fremont, US 10Gbps LXC
Frankfurt, DE 1Gbps Tunnel
Taipei, TW 10Gbps Tunnel


AS7719 has open peering policy, we are willing to peer over any exchange points we have in common.

Our network information:

  • ASN: 7719
  • Policy: Open

Our IX information:

IXP Port Speed Addresses
SIX 10Gbps
SIX (9000 MTU) 10Gbps
KCIX 1Gbps
Lambda-IX 10Gbps
NL-IX 1Gbps
KleyReX 100Mbps
STUIX 10Gbps

To peer with us, you must have:

  • One or more common Internet Exchange with us.
  • A publicly routable ASN.
  • Completed ASN record in PeeringDB.
  • One or more public routable IPv4 and/or IPv6 address space.

If you meet the criteria above and would like to peer with us, you should respect following rules:

  • Only send routes that from your own network, and only announce address space which you are authorized to announce.
  • Only send traffic that is destined to routes that we announced to you.

If those rules work for you and you met the criteria - Great, let's peer! Drop an email to, tell us your desired peering method and your ASN. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


Here's a live list of AS7719 peers, powered by RIPEstat.

Our current upstreams are:


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We currently provide IP transit services to the following networks:


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And a total of 0 /48 IPv6 spaces we allocated are currently in use.